Following the recent Parish Council Elections in June, we have a new term starting with the following members committing themselves to serve the village as Councillors and a new Chairman being elected at the last Parish Council meeting:
Chairman - David Spaul – 01924 830423
Vice-Chairman - Rob Liley – 07305 571570
Councillors - Lynne Watson – 01924 830202 - Jon Wriglesworth – 07796 634596 and Keith Shaw
Sue Earnshaw, Clerk to the Parish Council – 07962 722642


There are 2 vacancies for willing villagers to join the Parish Council and make it a full complement. The purpose of the Parish Council is to serve the village community
and to make the village life better for all. We will be reaching out shortly to canvass the whole village for your views on what would make the village life even better than it is today.
Please feel free to contact any of the Councillors with your views, concerns or issues.